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Complete Home Repiping in Atlanta

If you are a homeowner looking into “repiping,” chances that the plumbing in your house is older copper or galvanized are very high. You might need to repipe your house for a variety of reasons. Here are some of them:

Pipe corrosion can result in leaks, low water pressure, rust-colored water, and reduced water flow. Before you paint or finish your walls if you’re remodeling, it’s a good idea to repipe. It could be a good idea to do any necessary repiping before listing your house for sale. It’s crucial to comprehend the project’s scope before work begins. If you find a single leak, a tiny area of your current piping leaking, or corroded or cracked valves, it may be a sign that something is wrong.

Repiping Atlanta, GA
Repiping Services Atlanta, GA

Repiping involves replacing the pipes in a house or other structure. Your plumbing system for your water supply is entirely replaced. The old, easily accessible pipe is often removed during this process, and the new plumbing is then installed.

The installation of brand-new hot and cold domestic water pipes from the water source to all current faucets and fixtures is a standard component of repiping projects. Normally, rebuilding the drainage or sewer line system is not part of repiping.

It is inevitable that homeowners will encounter plumbing problems at some point. There are times when a quick fix won’t suffice, and the entire house needs to be repiped. Although a total home repipe may seem like a big task, you shouldn’t be intimidated.

The primary task during this property’s big repair is replacing the pipes in the toilet and bathroom. Most frequently, craftsmen who are knowledgeable about all the requirements for removing existing communications and installing new ones perform this method. However, some homeowners like replacing their own toilet and bathroom plumbing.

Unless you have practical, professional plumbing knowledge, repiping is not a DIY project. When repiping a home, the existing structure is torn down, new plumbing is installed, the house is rebuilt, and open flames are sometimes used. Never try to complete any of this by yourself. Here are some of the details of what needs to be done:

  • Cutting the threads of the old risers between the apartments and putting transitions on their ends.
  • Connecting the adapter to a small piece of pipe with a tap mounted on its end. After that, you can run the water centrally, but before that, you have to close the tap.
  • Connecting couplings, tees, corners, and taps. All threaded joints are wrapped with sealing tape or with wood chips.
  • Soldering the pipes one after the other.
  • Connecting the pipes to the shut-off valve on the riser.
  • Fastening the system to the wall or in channels with clips (at a distance of 50-55 cm from each other).
  • Connecting sanitary equipment to the system with flexible connections.

When deciding to do repiping always reach out to professionals like David’s Hardwood, to make sure it would run quickly and smoothly.

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Alongside our repiping service you can also take advantage of our water heater installation, garbage disposal installation, sump pump installation or waterline excavation service.

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