Water Heater Replacement and Installation Atlanta, GA
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Water Heater Replacement and Installation Atlanta, GA
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Water Heater Replacement and Installation


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The most frequent justification for replacing an old water heater with a new one is that it cannot be repaired. Modern water heater models do not support welding on the body of the water container due to the insulation of the water heater and the materials used in the water container. As a result, when the water heater bursts, a new one must be installed.

A licensed water heater service performs the replacement of a water heater, whether it is an electric water heater, an instantaneous water heater, or a kitchen water heater. This ensures that the water heater is connected to the electrical network and the water supply and that all applicable regulations are followed during installation and disassembly.

Water Heater Installation Atlanta, GA
Water Heater Replacement Atlanta, GA

Dismantling of the water heater must be done with the east water tank and empty water heater. For this purpose, it is necessary to dismantle the non-return valve of the water heater and the pipe or, respectively, the soft connection of the hot water. You have previously shut off the power supply to the water heater circuit, directly from the home’s electrical panel, and turned off the water. Before unscrewing the pipes or soft connections of the water heater, release the pressure in the pipeline. The pressure can be released by opening some random tap on the faucet. Run the hot and cold water on the battery at the same time.

Water heater replacement and installation

This is followed by dismantling the water heater from the wall and preparation for installation of the new water heater. Before starting the hanging and installation of the water heater, measure with the meter the distances for hanging and installing the water heater to the wall and the external dimensions of the device. Make sure you don’t lift the water heater just for exercise. If the mounting hooks do not match, you need to drill new holes and install new hooks. The strength of the wall, the accuracy of the holes, and all the installation procedures of the water heater are not to be underestimated. Next, read the instructions for installing the water heater. Reading this part of the owner’s manual is very important. With the instructions, you will get acquainted with the possible features of the new water heater, both for installation and operation.

After the water heater has already been installed, it is necessary to connect the water heater to the electricity and connect the water heater to the water supply. All water heater manufacturers recommend that these two activities be carried out by specialized water heater installation and repair services.

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