New Hardwood Floor Installation For Your Home in Marietta GA

  • Wide variety of flooring solutions: There are many colors, styles, finishes and species
  • Custom flooring designs: Create the desired floor that reflects your personality and sense of style
  • Improved indoor air quality: Hardwood floors are the best choice for people with allergies
  • High quality look and feel: Any room can look warm, elegant aesthetic and more spacious
  • Strength and durability: High-quality hardwood floors can last for generations when properly installed and maintained
  • Easy to clean: Hardwood does not accumulate a lot of dust, dirt and debris. You just need to vacuum, mop and keep it dry

Choose Your New Hardwood Flooring

  • Solid Wood Flooring: It’s a good option for floors that present a wide range of choices for you to consider. Some types of hardwood are very hard and durable. Others are less hard, but more forgiving when nailed to a subfloor. Some have colors that remain constant with time, while others can change their colors when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Engineered Flooring: A good alternative to solid wood floors. It’s made of several wood layers, fused together with heat and pressure. Has a wide variety of species, finishes and widths, and tends to be a more eco-friendly option.
  • Laminate Flooring: A fast-growing type of flooring solutions for your home. It has the beauty of wood and even ceramics. It’s easy on your budget compared to the cost of solid wood. It needs no polishing or waxing. It’s durable and best of all – it’s very easy to install.
  • Vinyl Plank Flooring: When you are looking for low maintenance, high durability and easy installation, this is your budget-friendly choice. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas and even basements. Can be textured to look like a real wood, marble, brick or tile. It’s water-resistant, scratch-resistant and comfortable on your bare feet.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Repair and Replacement

With time, your hardwood floors will fade, get dull and scratched. Or you even might want to change their colors. Before you decide to install a new hardwood flooring, why not consider restoring and refinishing your existing floors. This will bring back their natural beauty, restore their shine and luster and protect them for years to come.

There is no easy way to avoid surface scratches or issues caused by expansion and contraction of the wood. For any minor or serious structural problems with your flooring we can offer a suitable repair or replacement solution.

Hardwood Floor Polishing, Buffing and Waxing

While hardwood floors add value and beauty to your home, foot traffic, kids, pets and everyday living takes its toll. Some damaged floors might have to be refinished, while other can regain their shine and luster with polishing, buffing and waxing. And while you can find many homemade recipes for natural floor polish to DIY, you better leave it to the professionals because of their knowledge and experience.

Carpet Installation and Stretching

Carpet installation is one of the most affordable options of flooring for your home. But getting a new carpet is not always an easy and straightforward decision when you have to choose the right carpet for your space. There are a ton of details such as density, fiber type and durability. Of course you might choose a respected brand that makes attractive carpets, but that’s not always the most wise decision.

While you search for the perfect carpet installation for your premises, consider the following: who frequently occupies this room, what foot traffic will it get, do you have pets. But wait! Don’t worry! We can provide a professional advice and solution for every situation.

Tile and Stone Flooring Installation

Tile and stone floors are modern, durable, require low maintenance and are the preferred choice for heavy traffic areas. They are a versatile material, that’s designed for various applications and are available in a wide variety of colors, finished, textures and sizes.

Decorative Concrete Refinishing

Many people think that old concrete with surface discoloration, imperfections and cracks must be fully removed or replaced when the main goal is to improve its look. But that’s not always the case. We can offer options to transform your concrete patio, driveway or floor into a new decorative and colored concrete surface. This will also save you money, conserve resources and eliminate debris disposal issues.

One way to upgrade the look and refinish your decorative concrete is with a polymer-modified overlay that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. And if the surface is in a good condition but just needs a facelift – we can stain, stencil or engrave it to improve its appearance.

The Most Modern Solution For Your Floors – Epoxy Flooring

Have you ever wanted a floor that is durable, strong, easy to maintain, looks fantastic and is more affordable than all hardwood out there? Then epoxy flooring is just the solution for you. Epoxy is a system that’s made of two main components – resins and hardeners. They are mixed together to form a rigid plastic material that is strong, resistant to degradation and bonds extremely well to your subfloor. Can be applied on multiple layers, creating an epoxy flooring, or just one layer, creating an epoxy floor coating.

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